What is the Ascension Process?

The Age of Enlightenment

The awakening process on Earth is in full swing right now. And had it’s jump start after the winter solstice, Dec. 21, 2012. We have entered a new World Age, or Age of Enlightenment. That has been prophesized by many ancient cultures. See, the way that civilizations become conscious is by those who can access the light from the higher dimensions. And hold it in their being, ground it into the Earth. And then spread it out to the rest of humanity. This creates a ripple effect for those who are ready to receive this light. It is information that gets encoded in our dna. And allows us to access the higher dimensions. With each person who does this, it makes it easier for the next, until the whole of society can access these waves of higher vibrational energy.


Way-Showers, Seers, and Starseeds

Currently we have millions and millions of people all over the world who are awakened and anchoring this light into the collective, and more and more are awakening every single day. But, it all started with the 1st wavers, who incarnated on to Earth in the 50’s and 60’s. These enlightened humans have been consciously on their path and holding in the higher dimensional energies for decades and are on the forefront of this consciousness shift. Anyone who has devoted their life to the conscious evolution of humanity are known as the way-showers, seers, starseeds, and bringers of the light who are holding the space for the rest of humanity to follow.


The Event is Coming Soon

The whole ascension process is being done in stages, as the masses could not handle these higher energies all at once. But, it is said that we are headed towards what is being referred to as “The Event.”  Now, when humanity has reached a certain level in consciousness, a critical mass, if you will, a huge solar flare will be sent out from the galactic central sun. And when it reaches Earth, it will radiate an unfathomable vibration of unconditional love, that will penetrate every single living being on the planet.  This will ignite a massive awakening, that will reach even the most unconscious person. There are already countless higher dimensional beings, extra-terrestrials, and members of our galactic family. They are helping us behind the scenes, sending us information and energy, to help us in any way they can.


The Greatest Show in the Universe

Not only, do we have front row seats, for the greatest show in the Universe, we are the driving force behind all the change that is taking place. So, what’s our role in all this? We have chosen to incarnate on Earth, at this time, for the sole purpose of helping in the ascension process. Even if you currently don’t remember this, don’t worry, this will change. Remember, light is information, and darkness, is lack of information. So, the more light we are able to bring in from the higher dimensions, the more information we are bringing in, for the whole of humanity to receive. This is what awakening really is! We have been living in darkness, and lower density frequencies for way too long. And the time is now, for humanity to wake up.


Resources for Your Awakening

If you want to learn more about this, I recommend the following Youtube channels: Higher Self and Universe Inside You


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