The Original Human DNA Template

During the reign of the current control system here on Earth, we were stripped of our original 12-strand crystalline DNA, and left with the 2-stranded carbon based double helix DNA. The original human DNA pattern is left within the human cells, but it is not functional. Scientists currently refer to the other 10 strands as “junk” DNA, but it is not junk, just unplugged. The 2 strands that we were left with are purely for survival, which has kept us uninformed and enslaved for eons, and locked us into operable, controllable, lower dimensional frequencies.

As part of our current consciousness shift, our DNA is evolving from 2 helixes back to the original 12 helixes. When the 12 helixes are in place, they will begin to plug into the 12-chakra system. The 12 chakras are vortex centers. They have the information that we must be able to translate.

DNA has light encoded filaments that carry information, and when we finally activate all of the 12 strands of the original human DNA template, an incredible evolutionary leap will occur that is going to take place at an accelerated rate during this shift.


Light is Information

Light is information, which activates our DNA. The more higher vibrational light we take from the higher dimensions, the more information we get about who we are and why we are here . On Dec. 21st, 2012, we started a new cycle and moved into the Age of Aquarius, ending a 26,000-year cycle, known by the Hindu’s as Kaliyuga. This new cycle is also called the Shift of the Ages. It is prophesiz by numerous cultures in ancient texts across the globe throughout all known history.

Only now, during this new age, are we able to house the light from the higher dimensions, activating our original DNA template, and making a massive evolutionary jump as a species. But, exactly how do we do this? As now you know Genetics controls us, lets take a look how we  currently control ourselves in our everyday lives.


Matrix Control Systems

Below are the current matrix control systems which keep us stuck in the lower densities and make humanity slave:






*Military Industrial Complex

*Banking Cartel



According to Einstein theory ,reality is an illusion, yet quite a persistent one, giving our power away to the above institutions is exactly what is keeping stuck in the illusion, anchoring ourselves into the 3rd dimensional reality. As we start to unplug from the current control systems, one thought and action at a time. We are taking fragments of our being back, making our own light shine brighter.  This is taking our power back and reclaiming our spiritual sovereignty.

Any thought that is not of unconditional love keeps the illusion real. The more we can let love, compassion, and empathy into our being, the more:

*Light we are able to let in to our being

*Activates DNA

*We elevate our consciousness

*Also raise our vibration

*We activate our original human DNA template


With the original DNA template activated, we are able to be incredible beacons of light. And anchoring the higher dimensional frequencies into the Earth. Spreading them to everyone else across the globe, shifting ourselves and humanity, activating our light body’s. And having the ability to travel the cosmos in our Merkaba vehicle, while still in our bodies. This is where we are going as this consciousness shift continues to unfold for us, back to the connection to our higher selves, and our multi-dimensional selves! This is the promise of the Age of Enlightenment.


Resources for Your Awakening

If you want to learn more about this, I recommend the following Youtube channels: Higher Self and Universe Inside You


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