Why am I Losing My Shit Right Now?

What is the Compression Breakthrough?

As part of this shift, and ascension process, there is a compression breakthrough happening. I told you the Earth is elevating her consciousness to the 5th dimension, which means the new higher vibrational Earth energies are rising up from the Earth, and the higher dimensional frequencies are coming down, putting a mass amount of pressure on all living beings on the planet. We live in a Universe of frequency and vibration, where everything is energy. All the 3rd dimensional, lower frequency energies, that have been our reality for eons, must be transmuted to handle the higher vibrational energies coming in.


Collective Dark Night of the Soul

But, what does this mean? It means our shadow self, all our trauma and unresolved emotions, individually and collectively, are coming to the surface to be dealt with. It’s a forced purging of the lower vibrational energies and the old paradigm, which has not been serving anyone if you really think about it. Therefore, many of you have been feeling overly frustrated, confused, anxious, and having no idea what’s going on. This is why we are seeing a huge up rise in drug addiction, alcoholism, and suicide. It’s because we cannot handle these higher energies, mostly because we didn’t know what was going on.


The Shift is Happening Right Now

Learning exactly what this consciousness shift is, and how to properly navigate through it is the most important thing any one us can do right now, because it’s happening whether we like it or not, right here, and right now. Numbing ourselves or trying to escape experiencing these higher energies are just going to make it worse. There was a time when this was an option, but because of their intensity right now, we can no longer hide from them, and must deal with what’s coming up for each of us.

Hence, it’s all a matter of starting to look at ourselves and coming back inside. To explore all those feelings that we just pushed down for years, or even decades. To make peace with our past, we should forgive ourselves. Not only us but everyone else for the wrongful acts that we feel they have done to us. These are all fragments of our being that are keeping us from being whole, that we need to take back in the ascension process. These unresolved emotions are keeping us stuck, disempowered, and in fear. It can be very hard but is part of the process for our own spiritual evolution and to properly make it through this shift.


The System is Breaking Down

On a global scale, we are seeing all these scandals coming up in the political arena, Hollywood, the Church, etc. etc. etc. These higher vibrational energies are light. Our cells encode information from the Light. It activate our dormant dna, only then we are able to access it.  We are literally waking up to the fact of who we really are…….but first, we have to get rid of, who we are not.

It’s like a huge flashlight is being shined on all the dark spots of our being. Every single one of us, individually and collectively. All the garbage is coming to the surface, to be dealt with and healed, as there is nowhere left to hide. We will be seeing more and more of society’s dirty little secrets coming to light this year. Most importantly it’s still, just the beginning. The New Earth will no longer be able to accommodate these lower energies, as she elevates up to the 5th dimension.


Resources for Your Awakening

If you want to learn more about this, I recommend the following Youtube channels: Higher Self and Universe Inside You


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