Diet for Ascension: 11 Tips for Integration

During this consciousness shift, it is of the utmost importance to find that perfect balance and integration of mind, body, and Spirit. Lately, I have been focused on the body. First cleansing it, and now learning what to put back into it to create the ideal health and accelerated spiritual growth. Once you can get your human suit working at optimal efficiency, it will be much easier to handle all the higher vibrational energies coming in and experience your true nature as a multi-dimensional being.

We are at a pivotal point in our existence here on Earth. The next phase of human evolution is at hand, and we must rise above the opposition in order for humanity to make the shift and take hold of our place as a 5D community. One of the biggest obstacles we face is the weaponization of our food! I don’t have to tell you how horrible the overall health of the world is right now, and this is done by design.


The Best Offense is a Good Defense

There are simple rules of thumb to follow to achieve optimal health and raise your vibration.

  1. Food is fuel for the body! Treat it as such.
  2. Only eat whole unprocessed foods (no skim, low-fat, sugar-free, etc.) as your body cannot digest processed foods. Whole foods are natural, easier to digest, have all their nutrients, and are made the way they were intended to by Source.
  3. No GMO’s!!!!! This is NOT real food, and wreaks havoc on your body. Do your own research. In the US, 90% of all corn is GMO, and 95% of all soy. It’s genetically modified, which means it will make your body genetically modified at a cellular level. (Not in a good way!)
  4. Read labels: If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, you don’t want to put it in your body.
  5. Stick to foods with 5 or less ingredients.
  6. Only eat organic: Pesticides and insecticides cause so many health issues that it’s not worth it. It may be cheaper, but at what price?
  7. No artificial sweeteners: Aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, etc, are all straight up poison. The only exclusion to this rule is stevia, which is somewhat new to the market, and is a natural herb that does not affect your blood sugar, and is even ok for diabetics.
  8. No meat: Besides the inhumane treatment to animals; the antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids, contaminated drinking water, cannibalism by the animals being fed leftovers of the slaughtered friends, and cancer in the meat should be enough of a deterrent.
  9. Sugar: Significantly cut down your sugar intake. Sugar feeds pathogens and turns into fat. For people with health issues, or who are on many meds, adopting a low-sugar diet ingesting 80% fresh fruits and vegetables and 20% protein can be the best way to reverse your ailments and get back to your ideal weight.
  10. Limit complex carbs: We all need carbs, but what we don’t need is white pastas, white bread, white rice, etc, as they are stripped of their nutritional value, turn into sugar, and wreak havoc on the body.
  11. Cut out alcohol, pharmaceutical, and recreational drugs.



We are Energy Beings

The best way to thrive on an energetic level is to keep your body as pure and healthy as possible. This whole consciousness shift is about the breaking up and purging of all the lower vibrational dense energies, so we can access and maintain a 5D consciousness. Our bodies are working 24/7 to heal us and bring us back to a state of homeostasis. But, if we keep overloading them with different toxins and poisons, then this is expending energy that we can be using to elevate our consciousness and raise our vibration.

We are all extensions of Source energy, and the best way to experience this is to eliminate everything that is standing in our way. We have an unprecedented opportunity, in this lifetime, to break the chains of lower dimensional bondage and make this shift into the next phase of human evolution.

If anyone has any other health and dietary tips, I would love to hear from you!


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