How Dark Nights Lead to Receiving The Light

Several years ago, while I was living in Thailand, I experienced the darkest night for my soul through a traumatic experience that took me over 18 months to recover from.

During this time, I worked very closely with my spiritual mentor who helped me understand that I was extremely disconnected and that I was trapped in ideas of helplessness.

In fact, it’s 100% up to me to fix my life.

And it’s this journey that has shown me that I’m here to help you connect with your Higher Self and experience the Global Awakening that’s transforming lives across the world.

If you’ve experienced dark nights or days for your soul, you know you’re longing for something more. You’re longing to reconnect to the Self you were uniquely designed to be. And it’s those dark days and nights that will help you receive the light and finally become spiritually conscious.


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My Disconnected Past

I have made it through the struggles of living through all the spectrums of life, from the highest highs to the lowest lows. I began to drink and use drugs at the age of 10 which stunted and slowed my emotional development… turning me to introversion and anxiety.

I know what it feels like to be hopeless… but I never did give up completely because I’ve always known that light inside me would one day shine. I knew that once I found my Light, I would be able to help countless others to find their Light and raise the vibration of the entire planet.

I have been on my spiritual journey for 25 years, living in 26 different countries, studying different cultures, spiritual belief systems, and realizing at the core that we all are the same. We crave safety, love and nurturing.

It’s my firm belief that the traumatic event in Thailand happened to me for the “soul” purpose of ending a chapter in my life. That it was necessary for me to further evolve and move into what I’m doing now. I had to come home.

By learning how to properly look at myself, I could finally see what was in the way and start to unlayer everything that was keeping me from experiencing my divine essence. By using intuitive discernment, and self-introspection on every aspect in my life... by dissecting each thought, word, and action, I found my triggers, shortcomings, and blocks, which I now see as my path to liberation.

These triggers, shortcomings and blocks were my obstacles… and with the proper tools to integrate them emotionally and forgive everyone involved… I was able to unlock and let go of all my trauma, fragments and stuck energy. This allowed me to evolve into the spiritual being that I am at my core (that we all are at our cores), that divine essence that is Source itself.

My Job Is As A Way-Shower

It’s these experiences that make me qualified to help you with your own Journey.

On this Journey, you may find yourself struggling to turn to the right people for information and guidance. Between the YouTube channels and websites and forums… there’s a lot of information out there, and not all of it correct or good.

Way-Showers like myself are called to help you sort through the mis-information and overwhelm to step into your Light.

It’s my purpose, my soul’s calling, to help you raise your own vibration and contribute to the overall shift and Global Awakening.

It’s my soul’s desire to help you become a Pioneer of New Earth.

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Discover The First Step To Raising Your Vibration And Reconnecting To Your Higher Self

Receive your FREE guide by clinking the button below.