9 Ways to Draw More Positive Energy into Your Life

Do you find yourself being more sensitive to other people’s energy?

Are you finding it harder to be around certain people? 

During the awakening process, our energies are always shifting within us, and it’s up to us to stay positive and learn how to keep the negative energy from taking control. If we can catch something that throws us off while it’s happening, we can save ourselves from a potentially ruined day. It’s all about paying attention to our triggers, and using them as a starting point to come back inside and explore what is in our way, then learning how to remove it. 

What is obstructing your energy field?

In my opinion, many people have a distorted view of the spiritual path. They think that they can just visualize the perfect world, and it will happen. Now, our thoughts and emotions do create our reality, but we all have years/decades of negative subconscious programming in the way of allowing us to steer the wheel as we like. Real spiritual work is digging deep within yourself, uncovering the shadows, and healing them by processing your thoughts and emotions. This is a long hard road, but only by understanding the process, can we begin to move through it consciously. 

Here are 9 ways to draw more positive energy into your life

Let Go of the Past:

Hanging on to anything is like dragging a boulder along with you through life, it just drags you down. Letting go usually involves forgiving yourself or someone else.

Love Yourself:

Self-love is essential for spiritual growth! The source is love, and only by connecting to that vibration and learning how to stay in it, will you re-connect with your Higher Self and reach enlightenment. But, it must be from “you to you” first!

Speak Only About the Positive:

You are a creation machine, so whatever you focus your thoughts and emotions on, you manifest. If you talk about only positive things, then you are seeing life through a “glass half full” perspective, and are working with the energy of abundance.

Be Grateful:

The trick is to be grateful for everything, good and bad. Once you truly learn that every event in your life was placed there by your Higher Self for your own evolution, then you can look at your obstacles as your path to liberation, and be thankful for them all. 

Don’t Worry:

Since your thoughts and emotions create your reality, it’s safe to say that by worrying, what you resist, persists. You bring what you are worried about into physical manifestation. One of my favorite quotes is, “Worrying is praying for the negative.”

Exercise: This one is my favorite for stress, as it works wonders! Exercise takes you out of the worrying process, releases endorphins into your system, and relieves stress. It is very common to get an epiphany or solve a problem during any form of exercise. 

  1. Don’t Give Your Power Away: This is “spiritual sovereignty”, taking back your power from the outside world, the institutions of separation, and the illusion. Unplugging from all these external sources is the only way back to your Higher Self, and Source.
  2. Do Not Dwell on the Negatives: For the unconscious, “Shit” happens, meaning you have no control over your life. For the awakened, “Shift” happens, meaning you are aware that you are involved in a process of looking at yourself, and letting go of the negative attributes of your reality. 
  3. Be Happy: Learn how to smile again, have fun, and genuinely enjoy yourself. The connection to your Higher Self is through your inner child, which is loving, innocent, and playful energy. Connect to this as much as possible, for this is who you are.

Obviously, there are many more, but these are my favorite and the ones that have worked best for me on my journey. Every time you have positive thoughts and emotions, you are manifesting more of the same in your reality. Also, every time you are releasing a negative thought, emotion, pattern, or habit, you are illuminating your being. It’s two sides of the same coin working together to elevate your consciousness, raise your vibration, activate dormant DNA, connect to your Higher Self and eventually back to Source.


Resources for Your Awakening

If you want to learn more about this, I recommend the following Youtube channels: Higher Self and Universe Inside You


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