8 Ways To Take Your Power Back And Reclaim Your Spiritual Sovereignty

Reclaiming your spiritual sovereignty is simply taking your power back. Ok, we are living in some crazy times, right? We are literally at a point where if we do not make a quantum leap in consciousness and evolve as a species, we will go extinct. The Earth is elevating to the 5th dimension no matter what, and she has invited all of us who are ready to join her. This is the birthing process of what people are deeming, New Earth.

Are we living in an illusion?

This world is in chaos, turmoil everywhere, untold violence, destruction, war, murder, poverty, etc. and everyone always blames someone else. The truth is that there is a power-hungry elite who control everything. What most people don’t know if the elite has been being controlled by the Cabal, who are the dark higher dimensional beings behind the curtain, who have been in control of Earth for millions of years. They have us trapped in this 3rd-dimensional holographic matrix control system, which is an illusion, and feed off our fears.

By each one of us raising our vibration during this global consciousness shift, we are breaking free from the chains of lower density enslavement. The New Earth’s energies are coming up and higher vibrational energies are coming down to illuminate everything, shining the light on all the darkness. Individually, all our buried, unresolved emotions are coming to the surface to be dealt with. Collectively, the light is exposing all the corruption, and what we are experiencing now is the fall of the matrix control system currently in place. The veil of illusion is getting thinner and thinner and it’s time to take your power back.

We need to reclaim our spiritual sovereignty NOW!

Every one of our negative emotions, patterns, habits, etc. are keeping us locked into this reality, which is an illusion. Every emotion not of love is the glue that keeps us trapped in this control system. If we truly want to be free from this illusion and experience our multi-dimensional self while still in the body, here are 8 ways to take your power back:

  • Acceptance:

           Realize that everyone is on their own path, and each one of us came here with our own set of obstacles. My                   favorite quote is: “Be kind, for we are all fighting a hard battle.”

  • Be Present:

          When we are focused on the here and now, then we are not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.This is a place of great power!

  • Pull back your worship cords:

           You are connected to your Higher Self, who is connected to Source, meaning you are Source. Unplug your energetic attachment from all religion and realize that there is no need for any saviors outside of yourself.

  • Meditate:

          When you are focus outward, you make the illusion real. By going inside, you are unplugging from the matrix and opening to the world of infinite love, infinite possibilities. This is who you are.

  • Be Kind:

         Every act of kindness, love, generosity, etc. is` of the same vibration as Source. This vibration raises you above the illusion and reconnects you to Source.

  • Self-Introspection:

          Become your own detective by observing and analyzing your own thoughts and emotions. This will give you clarity of your shortcomings and triggers, which you can use as a starting point for self-healing.

  • Stop Blaming:

         Realize that the only thing you are responsible for is how you react to any situation. The world is a mirror, and you are always deciding who you are in relation to everything around you. Take responsibility for all your own thoughts and emotions.

  • Let It Go:

         We all have had trauma in our lives, but holding on to past pain only hurts us in the present. Forgive yourself and everyone involved in every situation and free yourself. These pains are what’s blocking your spiritual evolution, and overcoming them is your path to liberation.

By using these tools, you can start to unplug from this illusion. Literally do NOT give your energy to any part of the control system anymore. Thus, by raising your vibration above the fear and chaos, you are elevating with mother earth. And are becoming a builder of New Earth……..right here, right now.


Resources for Your Awakening:  If you want to learn more about this, I recommend the following Youtube channels: Higher Self and Universe Inside You


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