7 Ego Traps Blocking Your Spiritual Evolution

Spiritual growth has only one objective, to help you embody your soul while still in the body. Ego is always waiting to put the kibosh on your spiritual evolution for its own survival. Once you have experienced your own spiritual awakening, you are then in a process of continual spiritual growth. For many, it’s a 2 step forward, 1 step back process, as you are always having to deal with your 3rd-dimensional baggage in order to move forward. You will always be broadening and re-defining your beliefs and perspectives during this process, as this is what this search is for, finding your authentic self.

As you awaken to who you are, you develop a connection to your divine essence and Higher Self. As you are illuminating your path along the way, you are shining a light on the dark spots of your being. These are emotional traumas that have kept you stuck. They have become a real part of you, and are being played out in one form or another, in your daily life. These are your fears, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, negative patterns, view of being separate, and whatever else has kept you in your comfort zone, which continues to have you play “small”.

By learning how to process your thoughts and emotions, you are clearing the weeds in your garden for the light to shine bright, as your true nature is slowly revealing itself to you. But first, you need to identify these weeds, to figure out how to properly rid them of your being once and for all. Over the past 20+ years of my spiritual journey, I have fallen into each of these traps numerous times. It’s all part of the process, and the first step is to recognize the ego in all its insidious forms.

Here are 7 ego traps that are blocking you from your spiritual evolution

  1. Divide and Conquer: Wanting to fix society from the outside, instead of realizing that you cannot change the external.  Real change is an inward job of raising your own consciousness.
  2. Spiritual Superiority: Looking down on people who you think are spiritually inferior to you. Feeling sorry for those who you deem as “not awakened.”
  3. Avoiding Everyday Responsibilities: A form of escapism where you become so engulfed in your own spirituality, that you tend to lose focus on your everyday life. Or you feel above having to deal with your responsibilities. This can affect your job, relationships, living arrangements, paying bills, etc.
  4. Savior Complex: Where you forcefully instill your spiritual beliefs upon others, only to push them away, instead of realizing that everyone is on their own path and will get there exactly at the right time for them.
  5. Spiritual Nihilism: Seeing that the Universe is so big, that nothing you can do individually really matters anyway. If it’s all an illusion, what’s the point? This is a form of overwhelm that steers a solution out of your control.
  6. Helping Others: If you are always helping others but not looking at ourselves, it’s because the ego is trying to feel more advanced than the other. This is another form of escapism and can be combatted by realizing it  your relationship with “you to you” first. Fix yourself first!
  7. Attachment: When first awakened, we tend to stick to the initial experience, which is one of awe and magnificence. That time passes, and we are shown the long hard road ahead of clearing our energy. This should be embraced as the next essential part of our path.

How many of these do you identify with?

True spirituality is from the heart. The source is love, and only by connecting with that vibration of love, do we elevate in our consciousness. When you question every earthly experience in the frame of “What is best for your own spiritual evolution”.  You have the opportunity to turn it all back inside and use self-introspection and intuitive discernment to raise your vibration. Just elevate your consciousness, reconnect to Source, and understand who you truly are. Quantum Mirroring is reclaiming your spiritual sovereignty and reactivating the original human DNA template. And the fast track back to our highest selves and enlightenment.


Resources for Your Awakening

If you want to learn more about this, I recommend the following Youtube channels: Higher Self and Universe Inside You


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  1. Nice read Mike!
    I am grateful for your flow of info and encouragement as we ascend into higher consciousness. The trip can be bumpy at times but ultimately vastly rewarding and Divine. 🙏
    Be well and stay strong.

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