6 Stages from Awakening to Ascension

The whole ascension process is being done in stages, as the masses could not handle these higher energies all at once. See, the Earth’s consciousness is moving from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension, and she has invited, all of us who are ready, to join her. But, what does that mean exactly? We have been living in the 3rd dimensional reality, where we have length, width, and depth, which represents past, present and future.  Now, Einstein spoke about the 4th dimension as being time, but he also said that time is an illusion. When we experience our reality through our 5 senses, we are literally trapping time, creating the illusion of a right here, which is the NOW, a past and a future.


5th Dimensional Consciousness

But, in the 5th dimension, which is the unified field, everything is connected. In the 5th dimension, we are not these bodies, but the primordial life force, which is consciousness, that is flowing through these bodies. This…..changes everything! We no longer confine to experience reality just through our 5 senses, so the trapping of time will cease to exist…….it will be a constant, with no past, and no future, only the eternal now. We don’t have to use our memory to access information, as in the 5th dimension. There is a knowing that permeates throughout everyone, a deep connection can be feeled by everyone, and to everyone else. This means telepathy will be common place, as we will be acting as one whole cohesive unit.

Learning how to access and maintain a 5th dimensional consciousness is what the ascension process is all about, but it all starts with:


  • The Catalyst/Awakening – A deep knowing, event, NDE, illness, vision, or psychedelic experience that makes you realize that we are all connected and one with everything in the Universe. Only after we realize our Oneness with every aspect of creation can we finally start to take responsibility for all of our actions.


  • Self-introspection – The examination or observation of your own mental and emotional processes. Deciding who we are in relation to everything and everyone else. Learning how to come back inside and really to start taking a good look at ourselves.


  • Intuitive Discernment – The ability to trust what is in your best interest for your own spiritual growth and development, by questioning everything, and I mean everything. It’s perceiving something without judging for the purpose of obtaining spiritual understanding and direction.


  • Emotional Integration – the process of healing your unresolved emotions and traumas. Emotion is energy in motion qualified with a memory that is caught in the web of time. This is how emotions get trapped in our being. Emotions must be brought to the surface, processed, and healed before they can leave our being once and for all.


  • Reclaiming Your Spiritual Sovereignty – By staying emotional attached to any part of the matrix control system, we are literally keeping ourselves anchored in this 3rd dimensional reality. We need to take our power back by learning how to systematically unplug from the illusion. So we can access and maintain a 5th dimensional consciousness, which is the ascension process.


  • Ascension – Fully anchored in the 5th dimensional consciousness. In it, we are one with everyone and everything, where there is no more separation, no chaos, and no turmoil. You will be a clear channel of divine energy, able to receive the higher dimensional frequencies into your being. You will have become the embodiment of unconditional love. And able to directly access your higher self, your multi-dimensional self, and Source itself. As there will be nothing left in your energy field that is blocking this connection.


This is where we are going. This is what it means to be a pioneer of the New Earth. Remember, your state of consciousness is the operating system that directs your brain to determine what frequency of reality. Reality which you consciously perceive. So stay focused on exactly what you want out of life, in every minute of every day. And, stop thinking of what you don’t want. We are all brought to the truths we are ready for, and there are always higher truths.


Resources for Your Awakening

If you want to learn more about this, I recommend the following Youtube channels: Higher Self and Universe Inside You


Awakened and Ready: How to Access and Maintain a 5D Consciousness is my essential, step-by-step Home Study Course teaching you how to overcome your obstacles, manifest your goals and dreams, and reclaim your spiritual sovereignty. My course is designed to help you to systematically clear out your energy field to significantly increase your connection to the higher aspects of your being.

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