The 4 Steps to Emotional Freedom (Emotional Integration)

Learning how to control your emotions is the best possible thing you can do to get past your blocks and achieve success in life! Why does society tell us to suppress our emotions?  How’s that working for us as a whole anyway? Hmmm, not so good, correct? Suppressed emotion is a most unhealthy and unaligned state that can exist within us. One in six Americans takes some sort of psychiatric drug, mostly antidepressants because we just don’t know how to properly deal with our emotions.

How many times have you suppressed emotions until one day you just burst? 

Negative emotions are emotional messages, which signal us that something is wrong. We define them as negative because of what they are doing to our body and mind, but they are really there as a “call to action” for us to integrate the emotion. When this happens, one is in a state of flow.

No one makes you feel a certain way. It’s always a decision by you, on how you react to anything. How many times were you so upset with someone, and then you just decided to accept the situation and found peace? What really changed? Only the way you perceived the situation. 

When you encounter a negative emotion, do the following:

1) First, you need to feel that emotion!  When you feel any emotion, rather than acting upon it immediately, ignoring it, burying it, anesthetizing it, you then allow yourself to sit with that emotion for a while. This is tough at first, but an essential part of the healing process.

2)  Next, you have to acknowledge the emotion you are feeling. If it is anger, let yourself be angry. Say it, sit with it and feel it. Then try to analyze the reason you are angry. Even if you are not able to figure out the source of the anger, recognize that it is here to teach you something. Most of the time things are much deeper than we think they are, or willing to admit. 

3) Be grateful that this emotion showed up as an indicator of what the underlying message has to offer. These emotions are here to serve you. Without them, you would not know exactly where you are stuck, and how to get past your blocks, so you can live your dreams. 

4) The last part of the integration process is self-love! Only by surrendering this emotion to your higher self, Spirit, God, the quantum field, etc. do you allow the power to come in and transmute this stuck emotion. A simple 2-5 minute meditation of centering yourself, placing your hands over your heart, close your eyes, and sending yourself love, is the best possible way to integrate this emotion and work thru this, no matter what the emotion is.

Do you ever notice when you are angry at something, you not only feel that hurt, but every other similar hurt feeling from your past?

When we properly integrate our emotions, that state of flow is then projected out into the Universe as a signal, not the original emotion. Once that particular emotion is unstuck. So are all your own personal matters attached to that particular emotion. You are free!

Remember: We are never angry for the reason we think we are.  Our every emotion has many attachments to it, so by clearing only one at a time, you are clearing every aspect of that emotion from your being. The ripples that come from this are countless. But, by suppressing that emotion, burying it, anesthetizing it, you are sending mixed signals out to the Universe and not working thru anything!


Resources for Your Awakening

If you want to learn more about this, I recommend the following Youtube channels: Higher Self and Universe Inside You


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