Reallytrapped 3d virtual reality matrix, 7 ways to escape

Are We ReallyTrapped In A 3D Virtual Reality Matrix, 7 Ways To Escape……

You may have heard that reality is an illusion, but it’s much more insidious than that. We are literally trapped in a 3D virtual reality matrix, and we just have to start forming our exit strategy now.

Do you feel that things are just NOT right?  What’s really going on?

This matrix is an elaborate control system that has been in place for eons, and only by waking up to the fact that it’s all an illusion, can we start to figure out how to set ourselves free.

We live in a universe of frequency and vibration that make up the unitary quantum field. Particularly, meaning that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies, and each of us is a focal point, an individuation of the whole, where Source is becoming conscious of itself. We are multi-dimensional beings, having as part of our experience, a life in the 3rd dimension. We also exist in all the higher dimensions simultaneously, all the way back to Source, as this is who we are at our essence.

Is this illusion real to you?

Part of your being is currently being projected on to this physical plane, in what you would, in your life. But, we are literally stuck in the matrix and the reincarnation loop, only to keep being recycled until we can break free.

In this world of duality, we are fragmented. A fragment can be anything that is not of the vibration of love. Since Source is love, it stands that anything that is not Source is an illusion. Fragments can be major traumas, undealt with emotions, stuck energy, negative patterns, or any thoughts of judgment, anger, jealousy, regret, doubt, fear, disgust, loneliness, helplessness, victimization, greed…….you get the picture.  These fragments are literally keeping us locked into 3rd-dimensional reality, our anchors into the matrix. These fragments, expressed everywhere in our reality, are the illusion.

 Unplugging from the illusion is the only way to break free from it

Escaping the matrix can only be done by taking your power back, reclaiming your spiritual sovereignty, and becoming whole once again. The 7 ways to escape the matrix will allow you to heal your fragments one by one, illuminating your path along the way, reconnecting with your Higher Self, and Source.

  1. Know who you are, know your divine essence.
  2. Realize that you are living in a 3D virtual reality matrix.
  3. Go inward for answers. Stop sending out worship cords to any of the religions.
  4. End all soul contracts: past, present, and future
  5. Deprogram: Unplug from mainstream media and news
  6. Stay a neutral observer, while sending love out to all
  7. Be here NOW! Living in the moment

  The source is love, and we are Source, so we are love!

This is what this consciousness shift is all about, each one of us remembers who we are, going through the process of raising your vibration, connecting to your Higher Self, awakening, healing, elevating, and reclaiming your spiritual sovereignty. When enough of us are awakened and take control of our lives, we will create a critical mass of high vibrational energy that will be unstoppable. The energy going into the quantum field will be that of hope, unity, love, respect, nurturing, etc. and that’s exactly what will be reflected back to us.

This is the way it works! I promise you this is the way out of the Matrix!

Every day we are getting closer, as more and more are waking up. Additionally, the best thing you can do to help heal the planet is to heal YOU first! Once you are healed, you can help others and fulfill your purpose for incarnating at this crucial time in our history.

Only by unplugging from the matrix will you be liberated from it. The systems are breaking down right in front of us, therefore, we keep giving them less and less power. Accordingly, every time you heal one fragment in your being, you become more whole. The entire matrix control system gets that much weaker, and the veil of illusion that much thinner. After all, we are the builders of New Earth, and the time is NOW!


Resources for Your Awakening

If you want to learn more about this, I recommend the following Youtube channels: Higher Self and Universe Inside You


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